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You search an Hostel near Quito Airport, Ecuador ?

The name Mirolindo originated from the beautiful panoramic view of the city of Quito and its surroundings which can be seen from all over in the hostel. Guests can relax and feel at home during their stay; so if you desire a stress free getaway from hectic city life you have found the perfect place at Mirolindo!

Posada Mirolindo offers six comfortable and inviting rooms named Cotopaxi, Chimborazo, Cayambe, Antisana, Tungurahua and Quilotoa mimicking the unique beauty and diversity of famous Ecuadorian volcanoes. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom, hot water, 42” LCD TV, cable, and comfortable beds with orthopedic anti-acarus mattresses. The Cotopaxi and Chimborazo rooms also have private balconies where you can enjoy a peaceful breeze and the pure fresh air surrounded by nature.

Your home in the middle of the World

The common areas & inner environment offer pleasing spaces that feel like home too. Share a cozy loving moment near the fireplace or simply rest while reading a good book. Posada Mirolindo also has beautiful panoramic views from the restaurant that you can take in while enjoying one of our delicious meals.

Hostel near Quito Airport Posada Mirolindo is located in the countryside just outside of Quito (known as the middle of the world) and is encompassed by lovely mountains and valleys. You’ll be pleased by all the natural surroundings like colorful gardens and fruit trees. You may also be able to interact with Ecuadorian highland animals that often bring cheer to the hostel. Your children can stretch & romp in a green playground area next to the restaurant where you can smile and watch them play.

Posada Mirolindo Hostel near Quito Airport, Ecuador

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Hostel Near Quito Airport

Hostel Near Quito Airport


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